A Music Festival For The Tees Valley

Shine Gallery

  1. Managing Director
    Chloe Godfrey
    Highest mark in Woodwind Grades 0-4, presented by Cheryl Chen
  2. Managing Director
    Kayla Roberts
    Highest mark in piano Grades 0-4, presented by Janet Grey from Cleveland School of Music
  3. Managing Director
    Sienna Smith
    Highest mark in Vocal Grades 0-4, presented by Joan Carter on behalf of Carter Steel
  4. Managing Director
    Megan Hill
    2nd highest mark in vocal classes grades 5-8, presented by John Forsyth
  5. Managing Director
    Miles Holland
    Highest mark in brass Grades 0-4, presented by Kim Taylor of Cleveland School of Music
  6. Managing Director
    Jennifer Ley Ying Chan & Lily An
    Highest mark in String duets, presented by Susan Robertson of Tees Valley Music Service
  7. Managing Director
    Sienna Smith and Poppy Watt
    Highest mark in vocal duets
  8. Managing Director
    Kate and Amy Todd-Davis
    Highest mark in piano duets, presented by Rebecca Pedlow
  9. Managing Director
    Connor McMurray
    Highest mark in Harp classes, presented by Rebecca Johnson
  10. Managing Director
    Ewan Murray and Kamiela Soeldner
    Joint highest mark in piano classes Grades 5-8, presented by Janet Howells
  11. Managing Director
    AJ Thorne-Wallis
    Highest mark in strings Grades 5-8, presented by Rebecca Pedlow
  12. Managing Director
    Abigail Craig
    Highest mark in Brass Grades 5-8, presented by Susan Robertson of Tees Valley Music Service
  13. Managing Director
    Victoria Coggon
    Highest mark in Vocal Classes Grades 5-8 and female vocals, and singer of the festival, presented by Joan Carter, on behalf of Carter Steel
  14. Managing Director
    Ned Wheaton
    Highest mark in open piano classes, presented by representatives of Hartlepool Male Voice Choir
  15. Managing Director
    Neil Sild
    Highest mark in Open String classes, presented by David Tyrell, president of the Middlesbrough Rotary Club
  16. Managing Director
    Alex James Mailen
    Highest mark in Male vocal classes, presented by John Forsyth
  17. Managing Director
    Victoria Coggon - Highest mark in grades 5-8 Vocal classes, highest mark in female vocal classes, and singer of the festival